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  • The restaurant of the Hotel d'Angers

Restaurant l'Acropole

The restaurant of the hotel in Angers

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La Cuisine de Saint-Sylvain d'Anjou

The Chef is greedy and loves friendly cuisine, the ingredients that inspire him are herbs, ginger and chocolate.
Its signature dish: Tuna tartar with ginger, coriander & cashew nuts, fennel salad & arugula... a delight.

When he cooks, he wants to bring out the taste of the products. One thing you will notice when you taste his fabulous "homemade" burger with black pudding
, tomato, tomme aux netties, accompanied by his chips.

His sinfulness? Chocolate, but we won't tell you more...

Alexandre B, facility manager

A quality kitchen

Le restaurant L'Acropole can serve up to 140 place settings. Whether for your seminars, receptions, cocktails, family meetings... the Acropolis will satisfy your requirements.

The chef prepares his cuisine according to the day market and the seasonal products.

When the sun is shining, lunch on the terrace, near the garden, appears as a necessity.

Our restaurant offers you homemade frites as an accompaniment to certain dishes.

Fresh dish at the Angers restaurant
The terrace at the Brit Hotel Angers
 The terrace of the restaurant in Angers
Dish of the restaurant in Angers
gourmet dessert at the restaurant in Angers
Dish of the restaurant L'Acropole
The terrace in Anjou, under the sun in Angers
Dinner or lunch on the terrace in Angers
A dish at the restaurant in Angers
A dish in the restaurant in Angers
The restaurant of the Angers hotel, open to all
An example of a gourmet dessert in Angers
The chocolate mousse is served
Vegetables, good crispy rice
The restaurant room at the hotel
Enjoy the comfort of our 2, 3 or 4 star hotels throughout France
The restaurant and breakfast room of the hotel
The restaurant room at the hotel in Angers Parc Expo
The breakfast room and the restaurant
The restaurant area in Angers
Menu and schedules
of our restaurant in Angers

Menu and opening hours of the restaurant in Angers.

Our service hours

The restaurant in Angers, l'Acropole, is open to all, from Monday to Thursday evening for your dinner (7pm - 9.30pm) and at lunchtime from Monday to Friday inclusive from 12pm to 2pm.

opening hours of the restaurant l'Acropole in Angers

Maximum capacity of the restaurant room of the hotel in Angers.

Finally, don't hesitate to contact the restaurant team for any reservation from Friday night to the end of the weekend.

Our current menus

  • Express Formula at 18.00 € (Starter + main course or main course + dessert to be chosen in the MENU A L'ARDOISE)
  • Complete Formula at 23.00 € (Starter + main course + dessert to be chosen in the MENU A L'ARDOISE)

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The Angers restaurant, l'Acropole, also offers "Catering" services. Discover them, without further delay :

Our catering menus in Angers

Local producers in Angers
Local producers
working with our restaurant in Angers

Here is a non-exhaustive list of local producers whose products can be found on your plates in our restaurant. Attention, depending on the seasons and the stocks of our producers, it is possible not to find all of them when you come to us. We thank you for your understanding. The mile marker shows you the kilometres separating the restaurant l'Acropolis from the production units.

Boeuf biologique : GAEC du Petit Pont 49140 MONTREUIL SUR LOIR

Porc, Charcuterie : COCHARD Florence 49150 CHEVIRÉ LE ROUGE

Fromages : Douceur Angevine - La Moutonnerie Route des Peux 49160 Longué-Jumelles

Huiles La Tourangelle : 138, rue de l'Aunay - ZAC de, La Ronde, 49650 Allonnes