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  • Tourism in Angers

Visits to Angers

Angers, with more than 155,000 inhabitants, is the 17th largest city in France. It is the capital of Maine and Loire (49) and is historically the capital of Anjou.

Tourism in Angers

The castle of Angers

An Angers edifice from the 13th century

In the centre of the city of Angers, a city rich in art and history, the castle of Angers culminates. Built in the 13th century, the 17-tower fortress houses the famous Tenture of the Apocalypse. This medieval fortress is one of the best preserved in our country and covers 25 hectares. Research has attested to the human presence in the area since 4000 BC. Commonly referred to as King Rene's Castle by the angels, the monument has been classified as historical since 1875.

Angevine tapestry

Woven at the dawn of the 15th century, the famous tapestry of the Apocalypse d' Angers evokes the Apocalypse of John, the last chapter of the Bible while recounting the historical context of the time. The Angers Tapestry is the world's largest tapestry with 104 meters long and 8 years of construction.

Visit the city of Angers


Terra Botanica Park

Poster of Terra Botanica in Angers

Located 10 kilometres from the Angers hotel, Terra Botanica leisure park has been open to the public since 2010 and welcomes approximately 300,000 people each year. Recreational and educational, Terra botanica Park is the perfect place to get to know the plant world. Terra botanica Park is a delightful place for children and adults alike. Do not hesitate to stop there.

This year the park will be open from April 01 to October 31,2018. More information on

The Arena Loire of Trélazé

The cultural and sports centre of Trélazé is only 7.5 km from your Brit Hotel in Angers! The City of Trélazé has proclaimed itself an "Event City" and the Arena Loire is host to many concerts and sporting events! The city of Trélazé now hosts major international concerts and sporting events.

Activities around Angers

Discover a whole range of activities to do during your stay in Angers and its surroundings. Click on the link below for even more activity proposals.


 Visit the Zoo de la Doué, Laser Game afternoon or discover the Chateau d'Angers, there is something for everyone.